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New London Junction was the location of the crossing of the Green Bay Route and the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western (later Chicago & North Western). 

A large two-story station served passengers and freight from both railroads. The station was built in the late 1870s after the MLS&W tracks reached New London and had to cross the Green Bay Route. Besides serving as a passenger and freight depot for both railroads the station agent operated the interlock at the crossing, which prevented trains from both railroads attempting to use the crossing simultaneously.

In 1946 the structure outlived its usefulness and was razed, replaced by an automatic interlocker which controlled train movements on the two rail lines.  New London had an additional smaller station within the city limits which was abandoned and moved from the tracks at the same time.

train junction.jpg

In 1944 fourteen trains passed through New London on a typical day - six from the Green Bay Route and eight from the Chicago & North Western.  All trains were scheduled daily unless noted. Odd-numbered trains were westbound on both railroads and even-numbered trains were eastbound.

Visit the Depot at the Historical Village! The Train Depot is the former passenger train depot for the Chicago and North Western railroad which was located on East Beacon Avenue. It contains displays of railroad artifacts and memorabilia of both the C&NW and Soo Line Railroads.

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