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Lost History of New London

Hotel Elwood


Located on the corner of State Street and Water Street, Hotel Elwood was located on the former site of the New London House Hotel which was destroyed by fire in 1888. New London House was built by George Elwood Lutsey Sr. and was owned by George Elwood Lutsey Jr. at the time of the fire.

Built in 1892 by George Elwood Lutsey Jr., the Elwood Hotel was a prime example of modern architecture. Built for $16,000, the three story hotel was constructed of brick and provide amenities of hot water heat, electricity, two parlors, a reading room, bath, dining room, and fire escapes. 

Hotel Elwood contained 40 rooms for rent at just $2 a day. Local lumberman, William Hatten boarded there. The hotel was the meeting place for many groups including the Lions, Rotary, Masons, Shriners, and many others. Dinner parties were written about in the paper with the hosts and guests listed as well as any after dinner activities. Employment ads seeking woman for laundry, kitchen, and maid positions were common in the classifieds.

A 1938 Press Republican article mentioned that Fay R. Smith and his son, Rudd, had taken up temporary residence at Hotel Elwood while his youngest son was confined at home with scarlet fever

In 1963, Hotel Elwood was razed to build the New London National Bank.

Upcoming events:

April 8 - Easter Egg Hunt at the Historical Village

April 22 - History of the Hamlets of Mukwa at the Mukwa Town Hall

May 6 - Mother's Day Tea at Thern Farm

May 20 - Plant Sale at the Historical Village

May 20 - Open House at the Historical Village

June 3 - Open House at the Historical Village

June 10 - Rhubarb Fest at Thern Farm

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Thern Farm in New London is seeking nomination to the National Register of Historic Places as a historic farmstead.

Visit Historic New London

Make the most of your visit and schedule a tour of both New London Heritage Historical Society sites, just call 920-878-2400 to schedule your all in one tour of the Historical Village and Thern Farm. With a total of 14 buildings between the two locations as well as rolling stock and countless artifacts, there is plenty of local history to experience.

Historical Village Location:

900 Montgomery St.

New London, WI 54961


Thern Farm Location:

425 E. Fairview Dr. (Hwy 54)

New London, WI 54961


Mailing address for the Historical Village & Thern Farm:

PO Box 84

New London, WI 54961

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